Beautyblender Pure (White)

Possessing all the attributes of Rea Ann Silva’s Original iconic pink sponge but without the dye. The Beautyblender Pure sponge was designed specifically with skincare application in mind.

The unique edgeless shape and exclusive water activated material is designed specifically for use with your skincare products, to ensure precision application with minimal product waste.

It’s super soft suede like texture ensures gentle, even and precise application of skincare products to all areas of the face. Ideal for use with primers, moisturizers,eye creams, oils, SPF’s, and face masks. 

How To Use

Beautyblender is easy to use, simply wet.squeeze and bounce your way to skincare perfection.

  • Wet the Beautyblender sponge with water.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid, using a towel if necessary.
  • Bounce primer, eye treatments, moisturizers, sunscreen or other skincare for perfectly even coverage.
  • Use the rounded end for large surface application and the contoured tip for more precision.
  • Cleanse after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender’s exclusive material. 
  • Replace every 3 months. 

Top Tip

For optimal performance, avoid skincare products containing acidic, exfoliating or highly active ingredients as they may damage the integrity of the sponges material. 


Latex Free, Colour Free, Hydophilic Polyurethane .

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