Beautyblender Original (Pink)

With 360 degrees of edgeless perfection this fuchsia Pink Beautyblender has become synonymous with the brand. It’s unique material activates when wet retaining water not product to beautifully blend makeup from liquid , powders and creams to seamless perfection. Something no makeup bag should be without ! 

  • The original edgeless makeup sponge designed to deliver a perfectly blended finish to all contours of the face. 
  • The unique latex free material with it’s open cell structure activates upon contact with water expanding to twice its size. 
  • The super soft skin mimicking texture and elliptical shape is perfect for reaching large and smaller areas of the face. 
  • All blenders with the exception of the Pure Beautyblender are coloured with non-toxic water soluble dyes.
  • Your Beautyblender will shed dye after the first few washes. Which is normal, the dye does not transfer to the skin or to clothes. 
  • It is recommended to replace your Beautyblender every 3 months due to normal wear and tear and to ensure the best application experience.

How To Use

Wet-Squeeze-Bounce your way to flawless makeup application 

  • Wet the Beautyblender with water
  • Squeeze out the excess liquid using a towel if necessary
  • Bounce foundation,cream,powder or blush across the face for effortless perfection 
  • Cleanse thoroughly after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blenders exclusive material 
  •  Replace and never miss a bounce. 
  • It is recommended to replace your blender every 3 months 


Latex Free, Fragrance Free, Hydrophilic Polyurethane.